Friday, 28 May 2010

More Pan Pastel Journal backgrounds

I LOVE using PanPastels for my journal backgrounds - sometimes it is great not to have to wait for paint to dry. I especially love the soft subtle blending that can be achieved, and the wonderful tactile feel of the pages. I have been using them in my gratitude journal, and thought I would share some pre-prepared background pages -

The page bottom left (above) was created by applying Phthalo Blue and Hansa Yellow Shade and blending them where they meet. The flowers were created by stamping with Versamark, and then dusting very lightly over the stamping with Chromium Oxide Green for the stems/leaves and Red Iron Oxide shade for the flowers.

The page top right was created by blending Yellow Ochre and Permanent Red and then erasing the swirls with a pencil eraser (Pan Pastels erase very easily). The page bottom right was created by laying down a base coat of Yellow Ochre, and then dusting Red Iron Oxide shade over a Tim Holtz mask.

For most pages, simply rubbing well with a paper towel after applying the Pastel is enough to 'fix' the pages, however when applying over a mask or through a stencil, it may be necessary to use a fixative spray, although I haven't done that yet with this page and it is holding up pretty well.

I also find that PanPastel can be easily used on smooth paper - usually soft pastel requires a paper with some 'tooth', but it is easy to get smooth 'washes' of colour on very smooth paper with this product as it is so low in dust and has an almost creamy consistency.


  1. uh oh! This is EXACTLY what I was wondering about in making my decision about getting these babies! Fabulous! Now I am truly in trouble! I want them! Also I cannot believe that you call yourself a scanner! I think of myself as a jack of all arts master at none! I am SO relieved to know that I am not alone! Thanks so much for leaving your comments on my blog! Much appreciated. I am going to subscribe to your blog now. I DO order things from the UK at times - especially books that are slow to come here to the states as I am a British history buff - and have been since I was quite young!

  2. These are so beautiful!
    I also really, really love your journal pages. I couldn't take my eyes off the hands, and I had to catch my breath! Gorgeous!
    I found you through the 'blog hop' and so glad I did!
    Happy Sunday!

  3. Hi number 49, I'm number 64 (only you'll understand what that means, at least I hope you understand!). These prepared pages are beautiful, the colours are so gorgeous and the shading subtle. Really pretty!

  4. These pages are lovely. Pan pastels look so smooth! How are they to write overtop of? I only have two colors and haven't used them much. I love how smooth they look. Really beautiful.

  5. Hello Gill!
    i came here by way of the art blog linky thingy! lol

    it's so nice to meet and follow you...your journal pages are lovely! so inspiring to look at!

    i do hope you'll take the time to come over to my part of the world and visit with me!

    see you soon!
    ciao bella
    creative carmelina was here!

  6. these pages are so beautiful! wow!
    I'm so glad I found your blog :-)

  7. How lovely to see all the comments from the 'blog hop' visitors. I have made reciprocal visits and left individual comments for you...

  8. Hello Gill!
    i'm happy to see that you came over..and have already met me! thanks for putting me on your reader's list....that's wonderful!

    i am already following sure to pop in often! i will do the same...i love to inspire and be inspired!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  9. Hi Gill,

    I found your blog through the artist blog hop - I'm number 22 -and I love these journal backgrounds. I'm new to blogging so I'm trawling the net looking at as many art blogs as I can find. I really like your alphabet series, particularly the Z for Zebra, which was the name I used to use for my business. Will be following your blog now.

  10. Hi Gill,
    Lovely pages - soft and soothing :-) I might have to try some new supplies.
    Thanks for your kind comment on my blog - as for where my grandparents lived... in a small village called Newton on the Wirral Penisula, Chehsire County. Beautiful place - my uncle still lives in the house and my parents are in the UK now for a famaily wedding - I am jealous!!

    Take care and visit me again soon

  11. Found your blog today and LOVE what your work!

  12. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a kind comment! You have a great blog with tons of links and info (as well as wonderful artwork)... I have also started playing with PanPastels and love the way they apply and blend. More color sets are already on my Christmas list (hint hint to my spouse!). I will be back to do some more browsing ~ Deb


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