Friday, 21 September 2007

The Terracotta Army arrives!

Attended a fun workshop with the children where we made our own Terracotta Warriors! Great fun, haven't played with clay for years, but hard to get the detail working on this scale...

Pitt Artist pen and watercolour pencils in Moleskine sketchbook.

1st attempts at needle felting

These were my first attempts at dry needle felting. They were completed in Denmark last summer when we were on holiday. My daughter and I were taught while we were there by a family friend.

The little character on the right was created as an example when my daughter had a 'felting party' for her 11th birthday. She invited 5 friends over and they had a great time - lots of broken needles, several minor stab wounds requiring plasters, but fortunately no serious injuries

Saturday, 1 September 2007

Cornwall - Eden Project WeeMan

Another amazing sculpture at the Eden Project - THE WEEE MAN (stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) - view the large size to read all about him.

We had a lot of fun trying to make out all the different things he was made of - the teeth were rather intriguing, then we realised they were computer mice! Do a Flickr search on WEEE to see lot's more photos of him.

Certainly got us thinking about what we will buy (and discard) in the future...

Cornwall - Making dens at the Eden Project

A great family activity - making Dens. We thought we had a great design until a strong gust of wind blew...

Cornwall - The Eden Project

Cornwall07-Eden Project
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We visited the Eden Project - a fantastic day out. It is a conservation project created out of old China Clay pits. It now houses geodesic biodomes which replicate temperate and sub-tropical climates.

The drawing is of an amazing sculpture near the main entrance, it is made with driftwood.

Cornwall Map

Originally uploaded by JournalEYES
Map of South East Cornwall where we spent a week's holiday this August. I traced the map and transferred it into my Moleskine sketchbook, then annotated the map to show the places we had visited.
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