Tuesday, 9 February 2010

First pages for my Kelly Kilmer class

I have signed up for Kelly Kilmer's "A life Made By Hand Class". I have been lurking rather a long while since signing up, looking at the many wonderful pages that are being posted. Collage is a new medium for me, so I have been rather hesitant in starting, but the group is wonderfully supportive, so yesterday I took the plunge and posted my first pages.

The second page (on the right) is not really a collage, but as I wanted the text to be the main feature of this page, I felt the image spoke for itself and needed no further intervention from me.


  1. I did three months of journaling prompt/classes with Kelly Kilmer last year and it was the beginning of my art journal experience. Her classes have the most wonderful, supportive people (and Kelly is, too)....do not be afraid to post your pages. Every one that I've seen here is fantastic!!

  2. You are so right!! Kelly is an excellent teacher and always has nice people in her classes.
    I love your Life Made By Hand pages and I look forward to seeing more of your pages. I've been thinking about taking the class. Your pages have inspired me.
    Kelly is planning to be in my area in February. Hurray!
    I've been thinking abou

  3. Oopps! sorry I forgot to delete some of the words from the previous comment


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