Tuesday, 3 July 2007


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Collage on irridescent acrylics with white gel pen in Moleskine sketchbook. The poem reads -

You can’t buy time, nor can you sell it
You can lose it, but you can’t gain it back
We all live on borrowed time, trying to steal more of it
We talk of saving time, but all we do is fill it
Some people have time on their hands,
others have no time at all
when in fact, we all have the same time—
we have all the time there is
Some people wouldn’t give you the time of day
others take the time
We say it’s time to get up, and time to go, and time to work
as if time controls our lives
We don’t say, it’s time to love
or time to do nothing
We waste time, doing what does not need to be done
and what we have no pleasure in doing
We let others control our time
We don’t take the time, to think how we use
this minute, this hour, this day, this year
which make up this life

Copyright © 1994 by Natasha Josefowitz

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