Friday, 12 June 2009

Alphabet Workshop -T

My T page. This hasn't been one of Trish's prompts yet, but as I will be sticking this page to the back of the S page I decided to finish it now. I cut out the 'see-through' star from the previous page which on this page represents 'transparent' :) and hung a star shaped tag below it. I also added a few more tags on the page, one of them is tucked into a pocket with a stamp of a Tower on it. There are representations of trees, travel, truth and time, and there is some Turkish text mounted on some tissue.

The background is painted with Teal and Turquoise acrylic paint.


  1. Pretty page! Thank you for the anniversary congrats:-)

  2. What a cool idea and a great page. I may just have to join the group (even though I keep telling myself NO MORE YAHOO GROUPS!!!).

  3. Thanks Cheryl, I'm WAY behind on the group, but there is no pressure - that's the fun of this one!


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